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A Coffee Run with Miranda Frye

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I'm wearing a mix and match of the following stacks : Axis RingSummit RingTwilight RingFusion Ring & Grace Ring. 

Can we please address the obvious here? These rings ! Stack and stack of rings. 

First time I came across these Miranda Frye rings, I completely fell head over heels, why you may say, because of the uniqueness of the designs and the versatility of the colours. Miranda Frye creates real quality pieces. Yes, you can buy cheap trendy rings and throw them out after a couple of weeks but Miranda Frye is all about the quality. The first ring set I got from Miranda Frye blew me away, I wore them all summer long and never took them off. Then, it became an obsession and I got more and what's amazing is that you can mix and match all her jewelry. I am all about mixing metals and Miranda Frye does it with perfection. 

Miranda Frye offers amazing quality at a very affordable price. She is the sweetest person with the perfect eye for quality jewelry design.

Talking about price, Miranda and I teamed up to offer you guys a 25% discount code applicable on all her merchandise, just use Lapizofluxury25 and you will be one happy customer ;)

Trust me, I love me some jewelry but this is another level of quality.

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