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New Clarins players

Winter is almost knocking on our doors and when winter hits, my face suffers. Why you may say ? Dry skin ? Acne ? Not at all, my problem is the dull complexion. I have a thing for a tan, I just can't get enough, I feel healthier and more confident with a nice little tan. And no, I do not encourage going to the tanning beds but adding a little extra oumph to your skin with a tad of foundation can make you look healthier. 

My choice for the soon-to-come winter months are these new additions by Clarins : Clarins True Radiance and Clarins Skin Illusion. Both these foundations add the healthy factor to my skin by making it glow and not looking like an oil spill. For those days I do not want to wear a full face of makeup, I add a drop of these foundations to my day cream and end up with the perfect tinted-moisturizer, you should definately give it a go ! 

Clarins foundations are def some new key players in my foundation game ;)

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