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But Navy is the new Black with Converse

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Converse just came out with a new model for their all star chuck taylor's, only the best thing for fall and our slushy winter, a waterproof version called the All Star Rubber Collection.
The Converse All Star Rubber Collection are literally completely waterproof high top chuck taylos and I surely put them to the test this weekend whilst walking along the river and dipping into puddles like a 5 year old, so much fun ;p 

For my pair of Converse Rubber Collection shoes I decided to fight the black pattern of boots and get the navy pair, they look so so nice with jeans, casual dresses and even black pants ! The perfect addition to my fall footwear collection ;)

The Converse All Star Rubber Collection come in an array of colours from yellow, to red, to black only to name a few and are a great trendy option to a fall boot.

pic credits : Cruz_Photograph

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  1. Love how your shoes are Rubber Converse!!! AMAZZZZZZZING!!!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls


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