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White Combo

Top JoeFresh | Trousers Target | Sandals Zara | Handbag Longchamp

This day was the funniest by far. So, I was casually working at my office (at my old job) minding my own business, ready for lunch, quick stop at the ladies room, when my pants decided to stop cooperating and the zipper got majorly stuck and broke.

Panic mode...Nothing was helping. Thankfully, I use to work downtown, so a mall was close by. I casually walked to the mall with the moral support of my coworkers and got to Target, where Target saved me with these navy trousers.

At the end of the day, I loved the pants so much that we decided to shoot a fashion look in the old port. 
Great ending to a crazy story ;)

Pic credits : Cruz_Photograph

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