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Vichy Normaderm System

Skincare and skincare products are my happiness. Now, I can truly say that skincare trumps makeup in my book. I have lessened my makeup wearing tendencies and I really concentrate on the look and the feel of my skin. It's obvious that when we have certain stressful moments in our lives, the skin takes a toll and it's always good to keep the bad at bay whilst always remaining loyal to a good skincare routine.
A Vichy product has always been in my skincare lineup. I worked in a pharmacy for so long that these brands have always been part of my routine. This time, I tried the Vichy Normaderm system.
Vichy Normaderm is targeted towards acne-prone skin and oily skin. For my part, I do not have an acne-prone skin but nasty surprises can erupt at those special times of the month and I like to have a certain control. I used the Vichy Normaderm system (cleanser, toner and cream) for more than 2 months now and I can truly see a difference in the productivity of sebum by my skin. My skin is less oily at the end of a long day and my skin around my jaw (where I tend to breakout) feels more soft and less textured.

You can find really good dermatologist-recommended at the pharmacy and Vichy is sincerely a brand that needs to be tried at your next visit !

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