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Prepping for Winter at PointZero

Last month, I paid a little visit at the gorgeous PointZero offices to have a nice glance at the upcoming seasons new offerings. The place was filled from the latest coats from the Point Zero brand and the sister brand Nicole Benisti Signature Collection. It was so hard to choose a favorite but the blue one definitely had a little extra love from me. Let me tell you it was hard to keep a thick winter coat on in the middle of the summer but we always want what we can't have and I was craving a nice winter storm in the middle of August ! Did I really just say that ?! 

Point Zero coats will keep you warm for the crazy winter that's about to drop of us that's for sure. You can go for a more classic look or a sportier look, the Point Zero brand has some for everybody in the family, even the little ones ;)

Make sure to check out the latest from the Point Zero family and keep your eyes pealed for my final choice.

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