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LaRochePosay saved NYFW

Ok, so this is not a post directly related to New York Fashion Week but I must be honest, I used this LaRochePosay EffaclarDuo+ cream throughout my whole stay in NYC. Let me tell you why...
If you have been to New York, you know the air is polluted and just walking in the street can make your face feel dirty (well that's how I feel). Don't get me wrong, I love that city but you need to take care of your skin while your there. Add the scorching 45°C weather to the mix and let me tell you that your face needs major tender love and care. 

A bit before my New York fashion getaway, my skin started to act up and I immediately turned to my LaRochePosay Effaclar Duo+ to fix my face and be camera ready. I instantly say a difference in the texture of my face and I knew I needed to add this bad boy to my skincare travel kit....and I am so glad I did. 


  1. Looks amazing! Got to try this! Thanks babe!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

    1. Means so much that you read my blog. Love you girls xox

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