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Fall Lust with 424 Fifth

When I see something I like, I have to let you guys know. Many of you have heard of the brand 424 Fifth from Hudson's Bay as they launched with the Spring 2014 collection in Canada. Girls, the best has yet to come, because the minute I laid eyes on the gorgeousness that's about to hit the stores this fall, I got excited for cold that even normal. I guess I am a true Canadian ;)

Plaid + Coat = I am sold
The full skirt trend has been back for 2 seasons now and I seriously cannot get enough. To be honest, these are the perfect, hide-your-tummy-from-last-night's-giga-meal type of outfit for the office and for a night out.
A cape...I am left with no words. 
Black leather, white leather, camel leather, printed leather, you name it, I want it. A leather jacket is a girl's best friend and 424 Fifth hits a home run with this gorgeous rose-printed leather jacket. 

All in all 424 Fifth is a brand to discover immediately in Canada at your local Hudson's Bay and the best part is, this brand is not limited to small girls because they make up to a size 16. 

Skinny is not fashion ! 

Enjoy !


  1. You are right, that coat is everything. Glad, I discovered this brand by you, these clothes are fab

    1. My pleasure ! Thx for reading xxx


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