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The Perfect Mug : Alice in Montreal

A couple of months ago, I fell upon this mug and I knew at that exact moment - I need that !
I am very proud to be from Montreal and I love a little display of some 514 love in my house, hence this mug from the cutest e-shop AliceInMontreal
AliceInMontreal is an e-shop that was created by the gorgeous Aurélia who had the genius idea of creating mugs with the profile of Montreal. Obviously, the name AliceInMontreal comes from the movie Alice in Wonderland but her inspiration behind the name also comes from a book called Aliss written by Patrick Sénécal, who is my all-time favourite author. I remember back in high school, the teachers would get mad at us, because we were all reading his books during class lectures. 

Back to the mug, the best part is that the black profile is painted with the chalkboard liquid, so you could leave messages to your loved ones on the mugs ;p
I just couldn't deal with the cuteness, which is why I also decided to offer a AliceInMontreal mug to my gorgeous Montreal people. 

You could be the lucky winner of this AliceInMontreal mug by following the simple rules in the giveaway box. This is a Montreal based giveaway because the mugs are very fragile and I would love to hand it out to you in person :)

Good luck to all ! 


  1. ValérieMay 27, 2014

    I want this soooooo bad!

    1. You need to enter the giveaway :) Hope you win xxx


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