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Clarins Instant Light Base

When summer knocks on our door, I usually ad a primer to my makeup routine. 
But this time the primer hit on my door way before summer and it treated me so well, even through our harsh winter. 

I am talking about the Clarins Instant Light Radiance Boosting Complexion Base.

This product literally changed my face this winter and I am certainly going to keep up the good use this summer. All winter long, I was adding these two different colours of the Clarins Instant Light Base to dose the colour of my foundations and to add the perfect amount of glow. 

Also, a second way and the real utilisation is to apply the Clarins Instant Light Base all over your face, right before your makeup. The darker colour would immediately give me a nice bronzy halo, which would help me look alive and the lighter color was the perfect base for my foundations that are a bit more matte. Either way the Clarins Instant Light Base was and is my foundations best friend. I tried it with liquid foundation, mineral powder, tinted-moisturizer and BBcream and it always give a one man show :)

You must take a peak at these at your nearest Clarins counter ! 

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