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Mommy Approved : Clarins Super Restorative Day Cream

 As you know, I am a big fan of Clarins products. Recently, I have been gushing to everyone about the brand and the simplicity of the brand and my mom kind of fell in my spell. As I have probably told you before, my mom is the type of women that has the skin of a 28 year old (hopefully I got her genes) and she's not to keen on using beauty products. She has a very sensitive skin and is very doubtful when trying a new product.

This time around she decided to give it a-go with the Clarins Super Restorative Day Cream whilst trying to expand her beauty horizon. Since this is a product she used rigorously for a couple of weeks, I decided to invite my mommy Annie to come write on my blog a little something in order to give her opinion on this product. 

Welcome my madre :)

"Hi, everyone, my name is Annie, I am Katia's mother and I wanted to steal the pencil and take over the blog in order to give you my opinion on the Clarins Super Restorative Day Cream. As Katia mentioned before, I am not one to use a multitude of beauty products, I usually stick to what I have, as they say, "if it works, don't break it !". However, since Katia started this blog almost 2 years ago, I have been exposed to many beauty products and I became curious. I decided to try the Clarins Super Restorative Day Cream on a whim and here is what I think. Let me put you in context : I have sensitive and dehydrated skin and I need a good cream to keep me hydrated during the day. I tried this cream for 5 weeks and I can truly say it made a difference on the hydration aspect of my skin, my makeup stays on longer and applies better. My skin feels more plump. I am not one to spend a lot of money on beauty products but I think that this cream is a truly a good purchase and age is really not an option. "

I hope you all enjoyed the little mommy appearance, I decided to incorporate this little article because I can't always try every beauty product and we do not all have the same skin. I find it important to display different opinions on the blog so most of you can relate. 

Do not hesitate to leave comments and suggestions, my mommy will take the time to answer you ! 

Hope you enjoyed it :)


  1. I need to try it. I keep telling myself that when I see it in store.


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