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In Pink

This winter I might have developed a certain sickness for coloured coats. It has been a real struggle, every time I enter a store or type a website and stumble upon a coloured coat, let it be pastels, vivids or monotone colours, I am doomed :P

Jacket ZARA | Turtleneck H&M | Skirt ZARA | Booties Zara | Sunglasses Prada | Lipstick NARS Schiap

Basically, this fashion look is a ZARA commercial...just kidding ! 

Every season, I feel like ZARA is getting better and better and my wallet is getting lighter and lighter. I have a little story with this fabulous pink coat. I eyed this coat, when it first came out in September but didn't really make much of it because it wasn't that time of year yet. In Canada, we mentally try to delay the moment where we will be forced to wear coats. 

A couple of weeks later (enter cold weather and coat time), I stumbled upon this coat at a ZARA store, obviously this pink coat was not available online anymore (where I am constant stalker) and the only size left was a tad too small. Usually, to be honest I really do not receive good customer service at ZARA, but that time the manager saw me trying on the coat and approached me. He told me he had worked at another ZARA store the day before and had seen the last coat of the size I needed. 

He had just created a twinkle in my eyes,
he called...
the coat was there...
I swiped...
and the rest is history. 

Am I the only one with crazy fashion stories ?! Please tell me no and make me feel less crazy :P


  1. Love this winter look! Such a great coat.


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