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Gotta dress up our Men !

In the midst of all the New York Fashion Week adventure, my boyfriend decided to spice his wardrobe up and update his look. I must admit, my boyfriend has always been the "Gap" poster kid, jeans and a t-shirt, nothing too complicated and too fussy.

Since I started this blog, especially since the blog really grew in expansion and since Mister is my photographer and accompanies me to certain events, Mister decided to pay attention to his image and discover the men's world of fashion.

Step 1 was the beard. Since November of last year, Mister has been obsessed with the look of a big, well-groomed beard. I must admit, I love it :)

Step 2 was the interest in clothes and style. So, we have been browsing through different designers and looks on Instagram and Internet.

We fell upon Dunhill a UK brand that has been around for a 100 years and that pays great attention to details and quality in all their fashion endeavours. Mister really enjoyed the simplicity yet very fashionable line of menswear that Dunhill has to offer. Yes, you can splurge on one item, but the best way to show off your style is to mix it with bargain finds ! 

I put together this look for him, which is a mixture of luxury and good deals, my specialty !
Let's see what he has to say about it ?!

I had to add a pen, as Mister has an obsession with every brand or type of pen over the rainbow. 

Do you enjoy a bit of men's fashion on the blog ?!


  1. Loving that sweater. It looks expensive but it's only H&M. Great find.

    1. They make really nice pieces, the Mister has been loving it ;)


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