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Everyday Sunday

Today, Sunday is the perfect day to start discussing swimsuits, hot weather and margaritas. 

The weather has been so nice this weekend, that I started dipping into the world of swimsuits. Came across this lovely home brand called Everyday Sunday (very appropriate post day :p) that offers a wide range of swimsuits, bikinis, tankinis and cover ups. 
What really hit the mark for me is their sizing, as most of you can now deduct, I need a good upper frontal coverage and Everyday Sunday offers bikinis of the sort in a wide range of colours and models and up to size XL and 16-18 for some pieces.

Love the 60's vibe this swimsuit exudes ! 

You can find some Everyday Sunday swimwear at Simons, LaCordée, Sports Experts and many more stores. Visit their website for more info 

Spring is near ! Hurray ! 

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