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RoC Enydrial rocking my Winter

Every winter, I struggle with dry skin and chapped hands. My hands get really bad and I never seem to find the right cream, whether it is from the pharmacy or a big department store, I just cannot find one that acts like a good constant treatment.

This winter, I got reintroduced to the RoC Enydrial range. Why I say reintroduce ? Because, I use to purchase the RoC DERMATOLOGIC ENYDRIAL Hand Cream religiously for the tough winters, but within the quest to always find bigger, better and stronger, it got lost in the wind.

The RoC DERMATOLOGIC ENYDRIAL Hand Cream is really a cream that you keep on your bed side table as well, as a cream that you can keep in your purse to use at any moment of the day. It does not leave the greasy film on your hands we all hate that feels so weird when you are typing on your computer. 

This time around, I also got to test out the RoC DERMATOLOGIC ENYDRIAL Moisturising Body Lotion and it seriously made such a difference on my skin, specifically on my legs. 

What I love the most about the RoC Enydrial range is that the creams do not have a strong scented smell which can sometimes be overbearing and that can compete with you perfume.

But best of all, the RoC Enydrial range is so affordable and you can find them in any pharmacy for a really affordable price. Little side note, they are often on discount :)

Enjoy ! 

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