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Palladium Spring/Summer 2014 Collection

I had the pleasure of attending the Spring/Summer 2014 showroom for a brand I have recently discovered and seriously fell a bit head over heels for : Palladium.

Let's be honest, it's so hard to look cute in the winter in this country but Palladium really helps us out (women and men) by creating really nice waterproof and comfy boots.

There is a rumor out there that... 
I love prints and here is THE Palladium boot for me, what more can I ask than a leopard print, no wet feet while looking cute ! 

Something I really appreciate about Palladium is their price range. They offer an affordable boot that retails between 125$ and 160$. If you think about it, us lucky Montrealers need boots around 5 1/2 months a year, so I think it's a pretty good investment.

Many more options for the colour lovers.

A model I will definitely get my hands on once the snow starts to melt are these amazing Palladium casual summer shoe from the Flex Collection. They come in 3 different silhouettes with each one being available in 7 different colours, talk about some choice. 

I can see these shoes being the perfect pair for a Eurotrip where a ton of walking is involved or a casual weekend up north at the lake. 
Retail : 60$

All in all, I am very happy to have discovered this brand as I find they offer a very wide range for men and women at a very affordable price. I think they are a definite must for our Canadian winters. 

Definitely go check them out at your nearest LittleBurgundy store. 

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