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A New Year's Eve Look with Clarins

Hello my darlings, this year I decided to get a bit more acquainted with YouTube as it is a very fun way for me to show you my favourite products and my very easy makeup looks. I do not wear a lot of makeup on a daily basis but for NYE you gotta step it up and look sharp.

So, I decided to create for you a New Year's Eve Look with the collaboration of Clarins, an amazing beauty company that helps create such natural looks with their wide range of products. 

I hope you like it ! 

I want to take this opportunity to be cheesy once again and to thank you for all your support through this amazing journey I have been on for the past year. 2013 has been a crazy year for me as I have been living a dream and I think 2014 has many great ventures awaiting for LapizofLuxury. 

I wish you all happiness and health. Never give up, because now, I truly believe that you can really achieve what you want if you set your mind to it. 

Happy New Year and Love you all ! 

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