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Pur Diamant by Caroline Néron

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending the launch of Caroline Néron's new perfume launch Pur Diamant. Caroline Néron is a Canadian actress turned jewelry designer and this year she decided to transform her olfactory taste in a commercialized perfume for her public. 

This event was held in the Loft Hotel in Downtown Montreal, as I entered the room I was greeted by very hospitable people. The room was filled with her closet friends and media and you could immediately smell that distinguishing sweet musky scent.

The room was adorned around a huge ice sculpture of her new perfume bottle. I was very impressed by the scent and impact of this fragrance. The notes were displayed in a very original manner in front of the ice sculpture. Here are the notes : bergamot, grapefruit, plum, lily of the valley, blackberry, vanilla & a woody note

I got a chance to congratulate Caroline Néron myself as she let me know that she knew exactly what type of perfume she wanted the minute she decided to take on this adventure. She knew which notes, the scent and the mixture of it all. 

 Sincerely, I was very impressed with the Pur Diamant Perfume. Usually, when a perfume has a vanilla note I am all over it and that's exactly what happened with this one, I have been wearing it ever since the event. Anybody that knows me, knows that I am super picky with perfume, they can sometimes give me strong headaches even is someone else is wearing it ! It really was a instant love with the Pur Diamant by Caroline Néron perfume. This perfume exudes warmth, winter and cozyness perfect for the tough months coming our way ! 

Pur Diamant sells for $69.95 for a 75 mL bottle, exclusively at Caroline Néron boutiques and Jean Coutu stores until Nov. 15. Then, it will also be available at your favourite pharmacies. 

You should definitely give it a sniff next time you swing by your pharmacy! 

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