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SMM25 : My Stop at Montreal Fashion Week

The day after my return from New York Fashion Week, I was invited to attend the SMM Semaine de la Mode de Montreal (Montreal Fashion Week) for the Eve Gravel Fashion Show. 

I couldn't wait to wear this gorgeous Blazer/Coat from DoubleZero that I got from Boutique 1861. The blazer was the piece-de-résistance of the outfit, so I decided to go for a more casual and comfortable look. 

The EveGravel show was a great eclectic mix of pastels and black & white. You know I am a girl that loves a good print and this collection really delivered with prints. I definitely will have to go check out a couple of these pieces in stores.

Love this number, I am adoring the black & white trend, it looks so crisp and put-together. 

Finally, one thing I must point out is the music. The music at the EveGravel show was so on-point and amazing, it fit perfectly with the eclectic feel of the clothes. 
 Blazer DoubleZero from Boutique 1861 | Tshirt Brian Lichenberg from Editorial | Pants OldNavy | Necklace ZinziCanada | Heels TheBay | Handbag LouisVuitton | Sunglasses Céline

Stay tuned for a post on the makeup I wore for this event ! 

Enjoy ! 

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