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24 Days of TwistUp with Annabelle

Last month, Annabelle organized a crazy crazy sale on their website, where they were selling the 24 shades of their TwistUp lipsticks for 24$. Without surprise, these kits sold out like hot cakes and flew out of the shelves. Annabelle then decided to host a calendar event where you would wear every shade of their collection on a specific day according to the calendar. 

Unfortunately, I was sick most of the beginning of the month and didn't own a lot of these lip colours but I did wear them throughout the month and here is my take on my Annabelle #24Days of TwistUp.

Day #1 Plum it Up
This vibrant colour is a definite showstopper. Pink lips add a je-ne-sais-quoi to any plain and classic outfit !

Day #2 Naked 
Who doesn't love a nude lip. This tone of nude is perfect for any skin colour doesn't gather in the cracks of the lips as many others do.

Day #24 Vamp
A perfect burgundy fall colour, my favourite item to start wearing when the leaves hit the ground !

First of all, if any of you know me you know I have been recently obsessed with lipsticks in the form of a pencil. They are the easiest way of applying lipstick and even more so, if it's a very potent lip colour such as a red or a vampy burgundy. 

Well, as many other makeup brands offer the same product, Annabelle offers their customers a very very very affordable (9,95$CAN) lipstick with the ease of a pencil in a very luxurious quality. 
I was so very impressed by the staying power despite the moisturizing and buttery effect they have on the lips, they stick through glasses of water and food and they do not feather. 

All in all, great job Annabelle for these TwistUp Lipsticks as they are once again the lazy-girls BFF ! 

Enjoy ! 

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