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La Montréalaise

These leather shorts are one of my best purchases of the year, such good quality and can be worn during the day and with heels for an evening look. I can't wait to pair these with black tights and boots in the fall/winter ! Is it too early to start organizing fall outfits ?! :P

Last year, Barilà Clothing (Montreal designer) came out with an extension of their line called LaMontréalaise Atelier, after posting a simple picture of this design on Facebook. The trend later exploded and everybody wanted to get their hands on these t-shirts. 
If you wanna display your love for your city, this is the perfect way ! 

Tweed Jacket Winners | T-shirt LaMontréalaiseAtelier | Leather Shorts Zara | Necklace Ellandemm | Watch Michael Kors | Sandals Zara | Sunglasses Céline | Handbag Louis Vuitton

Enjoy !


  1. What a cute tee! It even has a little bow on it!

    Haha, it's not too early to think about Fall! I'm kinda bored of summer (fashion) as well, so I'm ready to move onto my fall/winter outfits! Your leather shorts will definitely transition well with a pair of tights! xx

    1. Fall is here and my bank account is hurting ;p


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