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The Land of Treasures !

This weekend, I decided to head to my hairdresser's for a little pick me up haircut. I wanted to shorten the length slightly in order to reduce my getting-ready time in the morning. This little trip to the hairdresser led to a very short hair situation, which I was not to fond of at the beginning, but I've had short hair before, even shorter than what I have now and it's nothing I can't get use to.
Okay, too much rambling. Long story short....In order to style my hair, I needed to purchase a smaller curling iron, where do I go, Winners.

Winners is the land of adventure, the land where you can find the prettiest and most coveted treasures.

Whilst browsing the beauty section, I came across something I never thought could be found at Winners.......

To all my Canadian beauty junkies, behold ! You better be sitting down...
THIS is the treasure I found

I couldn't believe my eyes.
Retail price 38$CAN
I paid 24,99$CAN

Do I need to say more ?! Check your local Winners, amongst these Chanel Lipsticks, I also spotted a lot of Dior quads for 39,99$CAN. Winners is definitely pumping up the quality !

Check it out and let me know what you find. Enjoy the rest of the week !

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