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Behold for Burberry

Burberry makeup has been all the rage all over the beauty world this year. From the wonderful blushes, to their amazing eyeshadows, they really aced it with their makeup line.
Obviously when you are beauty obsessed like I am, you have to try everything and anything, but let me tell you Burberry doesn't give you anything, they give quality.

I am the one-eyeshadow-swiped-all-over-the-lid-kind-of-girl ! I received these Burberry Sheer Eyeshadows and I haven't put them down since. These two shades are Pale Barley No.22 and Midnight Brown No.21 are, in my opinion (the neutral type), the perfect first step into the world of Burberry Makeup.
These Eyeshadows are so finely milled that they blend on your eyelids like a dream, one swipe and you are good to go, and that's exactly what a lazy girl needs ;)
These Eyeshadows contain a good amount of product, you are obviously paying for the brand name, at a retail price of approximately 33$CAN, but if you are beauty lover, you need to try this. Just look at the beautiful packaging and the classic Burberry print on the eyeshadow, pure perfection.

Top Swatch : Burberry Eyeshadow No.21 Midnight Brown
Bottom Swatch : Burberry Eyeshadow No.22 Pale Barley

Now, to all my Canadian girls, these products were hard to find, I am not going to lie, I waited a while in order for Holt Renfrew to get the Burberry Makeup line. My Holt Renfrew in Montreal does not carry Burberry Makeup, but you can go to any of their beauty counters and place an order and they will transfer the products from another of their stores free of charge.

So go and indulge in the wonderful world of Burberry Makeup, I promise, you will not be disappointed !
Enjoy !

P.S I would like to blame a certain someone for planting this seed in my beauty obsession ttsandra with her Blog (see here) and Youtube videos. Sandra, the wallet is hurting ;p


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