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November Favorites

Here are my Favorites for the month of November !

Clockwise from the top :
1- MAC Woodwinked : This eyeshadow should be present in all makeup kits, it works perfect from day to night and adds the perfect amount of color to your lids.

2- Maybelline MegaPlush Mascara : I have trouble with drugstore mascaras but this one is amazing. One of my biggest pet peeves are mascaras that make your lashes crunchy and most of the drugstore mascaras tend to do that, but this one doesn't and adds the perfect amount of curl and volume to your lashes. I will do a more in depth review on all 3 new Maybelline Mascaras soon on the blog.
3- L'Oréal Lineur Intense in Rock Brown : I have been on the hunt for the perfect brown liquid liner for an everyday makeup look without having the harsh black liner look, and after many attempts I found the perfect one. You must give this L'Oréal Liquid Liner a try, I got mine in the color..... and it has made me very happy.
4-  Laura Mercier Mineral Powder : Do not be fooled by the term ''powder'', forget MAC Studio Fix or what not, this product will change your life. The Laura Mercier Mineral Powder will transform your face from frumpy to glowy in a heartbeat, it's easy to apply and does not give you the cakey look, topped with the Urban Decay All Nighter Spray (see post here) you are sure to have a glowy face all day.
5- Lise Watier Undercover Creme Concealer : Oldy but goody, I have rediscovered this concealer in my makeup collection after using it for so many years and it is doing the job on covering my little imperfections this month due......drum rolls...........SCHOOL
6- EllandEmm Jewelry : I kept the best for last <3
I cannot start to explain how much love I have for this jewelry line. Jenn, the artist, gives us the best of classy and chic in an array of different colors within her collection, that sells out in a jiffy on Etsy. Make sure you visit her Etsy shop and get your hands on one of her pieces. I will soon dedicated a whole blog post on the pieces I have gotten from her, but I am waiting for some recent purchases ;)

All extra information available is linked on the product name.

Hope you enjoyed this !



  1. had to add the audrey in! love it xxxx kat

  2. Haha, agree with Kat! Loved that you included the Audrey. Can't wait to read your post on all your pieces!

    And I'm so intrigued by the Laura Mercier powder now! My skin has been looking so dull recently! :(

    And this is a wonderful idea for your blog! Might borrow it if ya don't mind! Hehe xx

    1. Hey, the Laura Mercier powder is honestly not was I was expecting, it has really good coverage and gives you a glowy finish, you should try it !
      Thx love <3

  3. I love that necklace. I don't have Woodwinked e/s, but it has been on my wishlist for quite some time


    1. Hey thx, you must check out Jenn's store on Etsy Ellandemm Amazing stuff <3



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