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*UPDATE : Project 10*

It is now November and I come to you with the Update of the ''Project 10'' that I tried to respect during the month of October !

And ......Drum Rolls !!!!!


I respected the rules and managed to get only 10 items, which includes clothes, jewelry, haircare, nail polish and beauty items.

Here is my little roundup for you guys !

1- First, I made a little trip to Dynamite, which is a clothing store, and I was invited to an event where 20% was offered ! Obviously, I couldn't pass it up ! I pretty much got only ''Peplum'' items, I purchased 2 peplum tops, very versatile, for a Day-Look than can easily be transformed into a Night-Look, with nice black leather-ish Jeans. Then, I got this fabulous Little Black Peplum Dress, LBPD, for a night out, which I will post this week as a fashion post on the blog !
2- I have heard so much of the Kate Moss for Rimmel lipsticks, so I decided to check out what the hype was about. I got the #10 and it is a beautiful blue-toned red color that has amazing staying power, and such an affordable price, approximately 6$CAN, very cheap !
3- I have spoken before about my love for the Phyto Hair Products and this product is Holy-Grail material, the PhytoLisse Hair Mask. I have super frizzy hair and this tames the hell out of them ! You apply this product after your shampoo, leave it in for 2-3 minutes and rinse it off. If you blow dry your hair right after, you get a fabulous effect, no frizz and sleek hair ! This hair mask is pretty costly at around 41$CAN but totally worth it if you have crazy unruly hair.
4-5 I cannot express enough my love for these 2 necklaces. A wonderful girl named Jenn makes these wonderful pieces and sells them on her Etsy shop called EllandEmm, and they sell out almost 5 minutes after she posts them. Her store is one of the most coveted Etsy stores in the Blogger/Fashion community and I will dedicate a full blog post to her store, since I have grown a certain addiction and I have accumulated a couple of pieces. Her jewelry instantly dress up a plain outfit such as a white t-shirt and jeans, and spices up a Little Black Dress for a quick outfit of the night ! If you can get your hands on her items, you definitely should and fast !
6- This is no shock, but I got another Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains, this time in a more fall color ''Adore''. I will post a full review of these on the Blog in the upcoming weeks.
7- Once again, an Essie product, I just can't live without these polishes, every 2 seconds Essie comes out with a new collection and obviously I have to check it out. This time I got the color ''Don't sweater it'' a wonderful brown/gray that is a perfect fall color.
8- Last but not least, I got myself some Rocker/Biker Boots from Spring. These boots add an instant pick me up to any dull outfit !
So here it is, I DID IT, I managed to respect my challenge and made it through the month !

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