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Wet'N'Wild Discovery

During my stay in Las Vegas, I decided to hit the nearest Walgreen's to see if there was anything they had that we did not have in Canada. I found a Wet'N'Wild palette, a brand that is available in Canada in Wal-Mart stores, but that is always sold out when I go look for it.

I grabbed a palette and absolutely fell in love, the color payoff is amazing for the small amount of money you spend on it, a whopping 2.97$
The first palette I got my hands on is ''Walking on Eggshells'', a perfect trio of neutral colors for an everyday makeup look.

A couple of weeks after using these 3 colors for a nice easy-going makeup look, I decided to hit my local Wal-Mart to see if they had more products I would be interested in.
I found a second eyeshadow palette called ''Sweet as Candy'', that is also in the neutral range of colors but with a nice light pink, that can easily brighten up a look.

Then I found a blush, which is my current makeup obsession. Give me a new blush to try and I will be a happy girl ! The blush is called ''Pearlescent Pink'' and has a really good color payoff and for a little 4.57$.

To conclude, you must go take a look at these products, they are so cheap and so worth it !

Enjoy !



  1. They look like such wonderful products, for a decent price! Ah, I wish I lived in America - total beauty heaven in their drugstores! xx

    1. Yes, they really are, but I have been dying to try the Sleek makeup brand, which we don't have here :(


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