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NEW Essie Winter Collection : Leading Lady

All of you may know, that every couple of months Essie brings us a new collection, some good, some great and some average.

This winter Essie is bringing us a new collection that provides a mix of different shades from glitters to bright blues. I present to you Essie Leading Lady.

As you can see, these colors do not necessarily reflect winter, but the collection is an eclectic mix of colors ''a woman wouldn't necessarily wear'', hence the Independent woman connotation in the nail polish color titles.

The ''it'' color of the collection is ''Leading Lady'' which is the perfect color for the holiday season, a nice jelly red packed with red glitters
''Beyond cozy'' is the color I will definitely snatch up first. It is a beautiful gold and silver glitter that looks like foils on your fingers almost. Again, your perfect holiday polish !

Then, you have two blue toned polishes, one called ''Butler please'' that is a bright cobalt blue and ''Where's my chauffeur ?'' that is a bright turquoise.

Also, in this collection are two red toned shades called ''She's pampered'' and ''Snap Happy'' that are both colors that are not unique, but still classic.

All in all, this collection is something you would not usually see for a Winter collection, but in my opinion Essie nailed it just by giving us two nailpolishes filled with glitters that are still opaque and nothing like the Luxe Effects collection.

You can be sure that I will be grabbing that gold/silver foil nailpolish the minute I see this collection, and of course share some swatches with you !!!!

Enjoy !



  1. Oooo! I always like it when brands bring to us things out of the ordinary. Gets a bit boring, repetitive and predictable when you know the next winter colour is some red, black, grey etc! xx

    1. I know gotta love that silver/gold color !


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