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Mixing Prints !

(Shorts and Floral Top H&M, Vest Zara, Shoes Browns (old), Sunglasses Chloé, Necklace H&M, Watch Michael Kors)

New York State of Mind !

I had the chance to spend the weekend in NYC with some good friends, in order to change the usual routine and have some fun.

(Top Zara, Shorts Old navy, Jean Jacket H&M, Necklace Zara, Handbag Rebecca Minkoff MAC clutch, Sunglasses, Sandals and Watch Michael Kors)

(Top and Jean Shorts H&M, Handbag Longchamp, Sunglasses Chloé, Watch Michael Kors)

I obviously did not leave empty handed..........

Finally got my hands on these Nike running shoes !



Nail of the week : Essie Cute as a Button

I have been on a coral everything train this week and here is the nailpolish that fits the part : Essie Cute as a Button !

Enjoy !


Essie Mirror Metallics 2012

RoseGold lovers behold....................your search for the perfect rosegold nailpolish is over, Essie fulfilled our wishes with their new color called Penny Talk !

Essie just release yet another fabulous collection : Mirror Metallics.

These polishes are so versatile, they can perfectly transfer from summer to fall.

 Be sure to expect a nail of the day post with this new rose gold color !

I've already seen these polishes at various pharmacies, so go take a look.


Mint Candy Shorts

(Blouse H&M, Shorts Zara, Necklace H&M, Sandals Zara (old), Watch and Handbag Michael Kors)

Discovering Phyto

Haircare is something that I wasn't really interested in and I really just used the shampoo that was in the shower that my mom had bought. Recently, I realised that a lot of the drugstore shampoo's contain parabens, sulfates and other really harsh chemicals that strips your hair down. These chemicals are the main reason why we always complain of frizz and dryness.

The Phyto brand has been on my list for a couple of weeks because they are specialized in all natural products and their slogan is '' The botanical power''. All their products are made with plant extracts, oils and seeds and the creator's goal is to use the synergy of the plants to bring health to the hair.

I found this fabulous kit at the drugstore that contains six of the best Phyto products is approximately 50ml sizes to try out before investing in the brand. This kit retails for 29.99$CAN which is a bargain for the variety and amount of different products you get.

I haven't had the chance to try all six products, but the Phyto Défrisant is something I will always keep in my haircare regimen, because let me tell you when humidity hits, I am close to looking like Monica in the episode of friends when they go to the Bahamas, it is def not pretty.

Even though I didn't have the chance to try all the products, I wanted to share this bargain with you, because it is really worth it. Go check it out !


L'Oréal Infallible Eyeshadows

I never was one to wear eyeshadow, but for the past month, I have been on the hunt to discover the perfect combination of shades for an everyday eye makeup look.

Obviously, if you are in the process of discovering you really do not want to break the bank, well during my little research I fell on these babies : the L'Oréal Infallible eyeshadows, at the drugstore.

This year L'Oréal came out with these eyeshadows that are perfect dupes for a certain product Armani has that is very similar, but with an obvious lower price point !

When I first bought these, the range contained a couple of colors, but since then L'Oréal has expanded this line and a multitude of colors are now available.

This product applies so well, you can either apply it with your fingers or with an eyeshadow brush. The colors I picked out are Amber Rush and Bronzed Taupe, my color scheme stays pretty much the same, golds and browns but these two colors blend very well together.

L'Oréal claims that these eye shadows last 24 hours on your lids, they don't........but who the hell wears eyeshadow during 24 hrs, really.

I truly recommend this product for someone who wants something easy and affordable.

Enjoy !


A Pink Day !

Here is the outfit I wore the day of my birthday. I was feeling kinda pink that day ! I am wearing this fabulous necklace from a blogger named Alex, go check out her store, the products are really good quality and they definitely add a pop to any outfit.

(Dress H&M, Shoes - Handbag - Watch MK, Sunnies H&M, necklace HRHCollection, earrings simple pearls, Gold bangle gift from mom)

Enjoy !


May/June Favorites !

These past 2 months have been hectic for me but I still want to share with you the key items I used pretty much everyday before leaving the house. Here they are :

First of all, my one and only love, my Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer, this baby blends increadibly with my skin tone and gives me the perfect bronzed look without shimmers, a natural tan. After comming back from a vacation and having a pretty heavy tan, I would use this bronzer as a face powder, since it matched exactly my skin tone.

The brush that makes it all happen is the Ecotools Bronzer Brush. This brush applies bronzer like no other, and you can go and spend dollars and dollars on a brush, but this brush from Ecotools is all you need. You can find this brush at any pharmacy and I am pretty sure it is retailed around 10$, who doesn't love a bargain !

I am not one to wear much eyeshadow, and even less in the summer, but these new L'Oréal Infallible eye shadows really do the trick, they stay on so long and they have a really good color payoff. The color I was obsessed with is 892 Amber Rush, which is like applying rose-gold on your eyelids, this color with a tan is a definite win situation, and the price doesn't break the bank. The regular price of these Infallible eyeshadows turns around 9$, but if you find it on sale, it's a good sale, go on and grab them.

A perfect summer look always requires beautifully curled lashes. I manage to pick up the Chanel eyelash curler a couple of months ago and only started using it in May. This product is amazing, you can use any mascara and your lashes look out of this world.

These products helped me look fresh and bronzed without having to spend hours infront of the mirror !



Nail of the week : Essie Bikini So Teeny !

For the past month, I have been obsessed with the new Essie Summer 2012 collection, the minute it hit the shelves, I pretty much grabbed every color.

The colors that stood out the most for me is Bikini So Teeny, this beautiful baby blue mixed with lavender is a wonderful color for the summer. This color definetly pops out with a tan, since it contains a hint of the neon factor !

Please go and check out the new Essie Summer collection, because the colors are fabulous, but if you can't, I am sure that many more of my Nail of the week posts will be about that collection ;)

Enjoy !


Picnic at the park

(Trust worthy old Jean Jacket, Top Zara, Shorts Winners, Belt H&M, Sunglasses-Earrings-Watch-Hangbag and Shoes all from Michael Kors)
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