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Affordable Sunglasses !

When summer comes and the sun is shining, we definitely wanna be sporting the nicest and trendiest sunglasses of the moment.

Trendy usually equals expensive and designer, but not in this case !!

The Prada Baroque Sunglasses have been on my Must-Have list since they first came out in 2011, but there was no way I was dropping a whopping 400$ on trendy sunglasses.

After many researches online, I came across this website that sells designer-ish knockoffs for a really affordable price :

RetroCity Sunglasses allows you to own the trendiest sunglasses of the moment, such as the Cat-Eye, the Round sunglasses, the Jackie-O sunglasses. In short, you can get your hands on pretty much alot of the same trends that are being sold in the designer boutiques for crazy amounts of money.

Here are some of the sunglasses I got and cannot stop wearing !

Go check out the website and maybe you will find something for your taste !


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