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New Essie Summer 2012 Poppy-Razzi Collection

The minute I hear about a new nail polish collection, I’m on it! I wander the stores to find it as quickly as possible, because you all know that Essie nail polishes sell like little hot cakes.
This summer, Essie is coming out with many new collections such as this particular one called Poppy-Razzi and it consists of 4 neon colors. Honestly, Essie quickly became my all time favorite nail polish brand. They have a very wide range of colors from pastels to darks to flashy colors; their variety can please all of us.

The Poppy-Razzi collection offers us 4 colors starting with Light which is a beautiful bright pink. Then, we have Camera which is a nice bright-coral and Action that is a neon orange color. Finally, we have Bazooka, an orange-toned red. Surprisingly, this collection also provides a white polish, described as being used as "a top coat to get the most color and brightness out of your nail polish".
The Poppy-Razzi Collection is not out yet but should hit your drugstore counters during the month of may.
Go check it out, summer is the perfect opportunity to take out our bright colors !


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