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The name behind the blog !

It wasn’t easy putting a name to the blog, but after many wishful days of thinking and scribbling on a note pad, and scratching it off and going back to brainstorming, my smart sister finally found it : Lapiz of luxury. She couldn’t have chosen a better name since it’s my all time favorite nail polish color.

As many of you may already know, since nail polishes have become the perfect accessory to every girl, this name is attached to a beautiful Essie nail polish, Lapiz of luxury.
I discovered this nail polish thanks to my D. The moment she described this polish to me, my eyes lit up and I had to put my hands on it, but there was only one problem, it was discontinued, so my search ended right there and then.

This story doesn’t end now, she already knew it was discontinued and had placed an order on Ebay for the both of us. Two weeks later, this fabulous polish was in my hands ready to be loved.
Lapiz of luxury is a lavender blue-ish shade that screams spring. It’s the perfect pastel color that can be worn all year long. I’ve never seen anything else like this color, let it be at Chanel, Revlon or even at OPI, to my knowledge this color does not own a dupe, it’s unique.
After many months of being scared to use this polish because it was discontinued, I saw it on a stand at Pharmaprix/Shopper’s Drug Mart. This may sound a tad overboard, but my jaw dropped, I was so excited to see that Lapiz of luxury was re-release and I was now comfortable to wear it weeks after weeks after weeks.
Go get your hands on it, you will not regret it !



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