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Longchamp Spring/Summer 2012

Most of you probably have heard about the beloved Longchamp brand.

Every girl from every age is seen carrying Longchamp's Le Pliage handbag. Longchamp came out with LePliage handbag a couple of years ago, and it became an instant trend in France. But for the french girls, in 2012, ''it's passé'', hence the amazing discounts you can get on Le Pliage handbags at stores in Paris such as Galerie LaFayettte, after each end of season. Trust me, if ever you are in Paris and you see the Longchamp sale, you better be fast, because they sell in a jiffy, at a ridiculous price.

Now, it's been a couple of seasons, that Longchamp has improved the LePliage handbag and they come up with limited edition version's of the handbag, at a limited edition price may I add !  

Last year, the french maison release the Darshan bags in beautiful bright colors, which I had the change to snag.
This year, Longchamp doesn't fail to impress.

When I saw this ad.........there are no words.

Here is Longchamp's limited edition Le Pliage handbag in Orchideal in Green and Deep Purple.

This collection will most probably hit stores in May, and for us late bloomer's in Mtl, maybe end of May.


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  1. Nadia H.May 08, 2012

    WoW !!! The green is crazyyyyyyy!!!


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