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The Battle of the Dry Shampoos

I never made anything of dry shampoos, but trust me sometimes they can help you out !

When you are having second or third day hair and you have to skip out of the house fast, the key to looking fabby and fresh is a dry shampoo.
Before discovering the world of dry shampoo’s, I use to apply baby powder to the roots of my hair to freshen up and to remove all the excess oil, but it took such a long time to blend out the white of the powder that I stopped doing it and would just tie my hair up in a bun. I was very hesitant of trying the dry shampoo technique because I had often heard that these products had funky smells and gave a weird "crispy" texture to your hair.
A couple of months ago, while I was exploring through the shampoo section at the pharmacy, I found the one and only dry shampoo. My first discovery was the Dove Dry shampoo. At the beginning I was so satisfied with this product; it has a wonderful smell that adds a nice touch and does what exactly it is suppose to do, remove the excess oil of your hair. Behold, this product has a horrible down side ; after two uses the bottle was completely empty. I only assumed this was a defect, so I went and repurchased it. Little did I know that it would happen again, the bottle was empty after the second use, I was so disappointed but I really couldn’t believe it was even possible for this to happen. I then decided to research online and finally came across the fact that a lot of other customers experienced the same problem. L

Many weeks passed and I was dry-shampoo-less, and so I gave up. But a couple of weeks ago, I found at my pharmacy, the Batiste dry shampoo. This product was the first dry shampoo I had heard about but I knew it wasn’t available in Canada so I didn’t make much of it.
I haven’t stopped using this product since, it comes in 3 different "smells", the original, blush and tropical. Of course, I picked up the tropical smell and it is perfect, it does not leave a residue on your hair, it smells really good and the bottle is NOT empty after 2 uses. I really recommend this product, it an easy way for freshening up your hair in an express-way.
The Batiste dry Shampoo retails at 8.99$ CAN and the Dove Dry Shampoo retails at 6.99$ CAN.
Obviously you can see a price difference between these two products, but 6.99$ CAN for just two uses, Ouch, no thanks, ill pass !
Go on and explore the world of dry shampoos !


  1. Klorane Dry Shampoo is really good too, and not as toxic as some of the other products I found!!

  2. Yess it is, but I found it left a really white residue on my hair :(

  3. I forgot to ask that question, but is Batista good for oily hair? I tried the Klorane one (the oatmeal one), but it doesn't really help for the oil. People have various reviews about the green Klorane, either it's really good or it ruins your hair.

  4. Honestly I bought the frederik fekkai one, it costs about 30$, but its the BESTTTTTT ! Difficult to apply at first since it's not a spray, it removes all the oil and gives a lot of volume! As for the harsh price tag, I've had my bottle for about a year now, it never goes empty :D ! The klorane one barely lasts !

    1. Ohhhh I will check that out ! Thx xxx


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